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How to Make Indie Films and new World War II movie ‘The Birdcatcher’ with Director & Screenwriter Ross Clarke and hosts Giles Alderson & Andrew Rodger

October 22, 2019


This week director and screenwriter Ross Clarke chats about his career in film and his latest feature film The Birdcatcher. A world War II period drama set in Norway.


Giles Alderson (The Dare) & Andrew Rodger (Plebs) fresh from filming Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot in Wales talk about making the historical action film in wales and join Ross to talk indie film-making, how to make feature films as creatives and Ross' latest film.


Ross talks about asking actor Mark Strong to be in his short film after spotting him in his local area and how he raised finance for his films. He talks about making his documentary Skid Row in LA and the differences between doc and fiction film-making.


Ross talks about his feature The Birdcatcher, filming in the snow, in freezing water, working with his DP, being a leader on set, shot lists and story boards and the importance of believing in your vision for the film.


They all discuss how difficult film-making can be, give some great feedback and advice for filmmakers and talk about the benefits and disappointments of being a director.


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