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Ep 85 How to Produce Indie Films and Finance Films with Ian Sharp and hosts Giles Alderson & Andrew Rodger

December 4, 2018

Our hosts sit down with indie producer Ian Sharp who talks about making indie thriller The Marker starring John Hannah, how he started in the business, his first feature film Kick Off and how he now finances films with his company Sharp House.

Ian grew up in Scunthorpe with Van Damme and De Niro movies for inspiration. After training at the National Youth Theatre, his passion for film led him to London and a scholarship at the Arts Educational Schools. He founded Achilles Entertainments with Rebecca Sharp in 2009, merging entrepreneurial experiences with their passion for film and co-founded Sharp House in 2016. Ian's third feature, The Marker, was supported and co-financed by Creative England. Other film credits include Pleasure Island, theatrically released in the UK by Metrodome and KickOff, distributed by Peccadillo Pictures.


The Marker - Trailer

Sharp House

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