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Ep 67 SCOTT ADKINS Making action films, working with your heroes and acting in indie films

August 7, 2018

Scott Adkins joins us to chat working as an action and martial arts star on indie films and big studio movies including Expendables, Ip Man 4, Accident Man and Undisputed

He talks about getting his start as an actor on British TV and his big break on a Hong Kong action movie and how he over came disappointments to learn from the best.

How having a niche and using martial arts as a way in worked very well for him.

We discuss the best way to shoot fight scenes in movies and how directors should work with actors and fight choreographers

He chats about his time working on Bourne Ultimatum, Zero Dark Thirty and Expendables plus many more and how different directors approach fight sequences and directing actors.

Taking leadership and ownership of fight scenes in his films is a great way to create compelling action feature films

And we go in-depth on how Scott likes to work on movie sets


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