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Aleem Hossain - How to make a Micro Budget, award winning Sci-fi feature ‘After We Leave’.

March 3, 2020
On Ep 152 Giles joins you from LA in his intro this week to celebrate the US release of his long-awaited feature film THE DARE.
Headlining today's episode, we chat with Aleem Hossain director of sci-fi feature After We Leave, winner of best feature film at sci-fi London 2019 and best director at Berlin Sci-Fi.
Aleem gives Giles some insight into his process, in going low-budget, creating convincing VFX and eschewing a traditional production process to allow for more improvisation from his actors. He also touches on funding the film and targeting smaller festivals to win awards. 
We also talk on the importance of key collaborators, the formation of the film's concept and script, working to a budget across the shooting and editing and getting great performances from a new cast.
After We Leave Trailer
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