Ep 64 Stu Bennett talks Fanged Up with director Christian James and Giles Alderson

July 24, 2018

Indie film and career talk with Stu Bennett.

Stu Bennett had his first acting role in the 2013 crime thriller film Dead Man Down, which starred Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Terrance Howard & Dominic Cooper In April 2015, it was announced that he would star as "Europe's most dangerous assassin" in a WWE Studios-Richwater Films action thriller film titled Eliminators  starring friend of the show and soon guest Scott Adkins & directed by James Nunn

He then took his first lead role in Ross Boyask’s brilliant action film Vengeance

Director and writer Ross Boyask is on the podcast on Ep 27 with John Adams chatting about making Vengeance and other indie films too.

And most recently in our very own host Christian James' latest film Fanged Up. A vampire comedy. Written by Dan Palmer, Dan O’Reilly and Nick Nevern and starring Daniel O’Reilly, Danielle Harold, Stu Bennett, Vas Blackwood and Stephen Berkoff.


Fanged Up Film PRE ORDER https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fanged-Steven-Berkoff-Lauren-Socha/dp/B07D4VBSN7/

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Ep 63 HOW TO GO FROM INDIEFILMS TO HOLLYWOOD & BACK AGAIN with ‘Crowhurst’ director Simon Rumley

July 17, 2018

Simon Rumley talks with Giles Alderson about how he directed his latest feature films Fashionista, Crowhurst and Once Upon A Time in London.
And he tells us about his Hollywood experience making Johnny Frank Garret's Last Stand and the dramas that surrounded the film.

How he met many influential and future collaborators on the festival circuits, the problems shooting on a small boat and making, going head to head with Colin Firth's The Mercy and making a film that wasn't script ready.

Simon’s feature film credits include: Club Le Monde, Strong Language, The Truth Game. The Living and the Dead, starring Roger Lloyd-Pack.  Red White & Blue which  starred Noah Taylor, Marc Senter and Amanda Fuller.
Segments in the features Little Deaths which starred Tom Sawyer and Kate Braithwaite, The ABCs of Death, produced by Tim League and 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero
Johnny Frank Garret’s The Last Word  starring Sean Patrick Flannery.
And the recently released Fashionista and
Crowhurst which is based on the tragic real-life story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst,
And recently filmed Once Upon a Time in London staring Geoff Bell, Le Gregory, Terry Stone, Kate Braithwaite, Micheal McKell and Jamie Forman

Crowhurst Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FKYtyXhBSw
Buy CROWHURST https://store.hmv.com/film-tv/dvd/crowhurst

Fashionista Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuxgMlNDOzc
Buy FASHIONISTA https://www.amazon.com/Fashionista-Amanda-Fuller/dp/B0794C5QX5

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Ep 62 HOW TO MAKE A SWORD AND SANDALS EPIC STARRING TERENCE STAMP with ‘Of Gods and Warriors’ director David LG Hughes

July 10, 2018

Making 'Of Gods and Warriors' an Indie action adventure with director and screenwriter David LG Hughes.

He talks how he made the film, got the cast and got a cinematic release.

Joined by Giles Alderson and Christian James who talk about 'Fanged Up' being released on the 30th July and Giles' new producing job on new feature film 'Cassette'.

David LG Hughes is a screenwriter and director

After Film School, where he won a Fuji Film Scholarship for screenwriting, David began an award winning career in film advertising which allowed him to work directly with acclaimed directors including Darren Aronofsky, Roman Polanski and Guillermo Del Toro.

David’s short film, A GIRL AND A GUN, was released internationally on iTunes, becoming one of the best selling shorts ever. A Top Ten hit in every country it was released in - including the US - it spent over 2 years in the UK Top 20 download chart.

His first feature, HARD BOILED SWEETS, was made for just $60k. Bought by Universal and released theatrically in the UK it has secured distribution in the US, China, Germany, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East and many other territories.

His 2nd Feature 'Of Gods and Warriors' (AKA Vicking Destiny) is OUT on the 17th July and stars Terrance Stamp, Will Mellor, Martyn Ford and Anna Demetriou


'Of Gods and Warriors' Trailer www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCAJm7dlxoM

Website with details of screenings www.ourscreen.com/film/Of-gods-and-warriors

Fanged Up Film PRE ORDER www.amazon.co.uk/Fanged-Steven-Be…a/dp/B07D4VBSN7/

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Ep 61 WRITING SCREENPLAYS, DIALOGUE & CHARACTERS with Namita Kabilas, Jonny Grant & Giles Alderson

July 3, 2018

Screenwriters Namitas Kabilas and Jonny Grant join host and fellow screenwriter Giles Alderson to talk how they actually write their scripts.

Where to get inspiration and keep writing even when you don't want to. When and where to write and Understanding how story structure.

Joining director, screenwriter and host Giles Alderson is Jonny Grant who has written the screenplay The Nobodies, optioned by Park House Pictures, the team behind Anna and The Apocalypse, is co-writer on the darkly thrilling horror film The Dare (now in post and picked up by Millennium films). He has also written 8 other feature films and most recently a novel titled Cry Wolf.

He has just been optioned to write new horror film Little Darlings which Giles is producing and will be directed by Alex Hardy

Namita is mainly a Screenwriter well known for her regular screenwriting tips online.

She has written the feature Romantic Comedy BEAUTY QUEEN, a film about celebrating physical imperfection and self-love in aid to spread healthy self-esteem to young and adult audiences.

She’s now a script consultant giving feedback on feature film screenplays and shorts

This is a great podcast for screenwriters to hear how other screenwriters do it.


Namita Kabilas WEBSITE www.namitakabilas.com/

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Ep 60 HOW TO WRITE, DIRECT AND EDIT YOUR OWN INDIE FILM with Alex D’Lerma and Giles Alderson

June 26, 2018

Director Alex D'lerma has directed the recent indie hit Fear, Love and Agoraphobia which is out now on i-tunes and amazon.

He sits down with host and fellow director Giles Alderson to talk making the most of life, making indie films, how he made his latest film and film-making in general.

Alex D'Lerma is a writer, producer, and director. He created his own production company, TOSTADO PRODUCTIONS, in 2003 and made his screenwriting and directing debut with the feature film ALVAREZ & CRUZ.

He is also the founder of the L.A. based acting & directing (for camera) studio THE CINEMA GYM which has trained and mentored actors and directors since 2006.  And he also taught film studies & directing at UCLA extension for over a decade.

Mr. D'Lerma's directing and writing credits include the feature films ALVAREZ & CRUZ (Slamdunk film fest) and BORN (Lions Gate screenwriter).  In addition Alex has written and directed multiple prize winning short films and web series including YU-SOLVE, GOD'S LITTLE MONSTER, SELL OUT, STRIP POKER (Tahoe/Reno International film fest) & MEAT (Horror Fest winner) to name a few.

Alex D'Lerma’s current feature film "FEAR, LOVE, and AGORAPHOBIA" has won 20 film festival awards and is available on Amazon and I-tunes now


Fear, Love & Agoraphobia Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=6QAfAxubGJ4

BUY Fear, Love & Agoraphobia here: https://www.amazon.com/Fear-Love-Agoraphobia-Linda-Burzynski/dp/B07BJL93CY

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Ep 59 (Part 2) Timothy Spall & Stephen Cookson talk Acting, Harry Potter, On set directing & Stanley A Man of Variety

June 22, 2018

Actor Timothy Spall & director Stephen Cookson talk acting, working on Harry Potter, directing tips and their new film Stanley A Man of Variety with Giles Alderson and Andrew Rodger

We talk with Stephen about finding the locations, Shooting black and white. The look and visuals of a feature film, VFX and the Editing process. Making his debut film My Angel where he brought in Timothy who made calls to bring on Brenda Blethin and it snowballed from there.

Learning not to give to many notes to actors & being very respectful of older actors and their ability to be the role. We discuss that if you want to be a director. Direct something see if you like it.

How the idea is the most important thing. No point spending years trying to make something of the idea is bad

We learn how Stephen met Star Wars director Irvin Kershner on the tube and asking him questions and advice which he duly gave.

Should we having agents as a director? Stephen gives a compelling argument regarding this.

Timothy talks about being in Harry Potter and being seduced by director Alphonso Cuaron to take the part. How being in a massive franchise like that is a blessing and a curse.

“Your either right for the part or you ain’t”

There is a difference between film stars and actors. Film stars can fit into wish-fulfillment roles. Character actors can fit it different roles”


Stanley A Man of Variety is OUT NOW at Picture House Cinema's.

Link to screenings: https://www.picturehouses.com/film/stanley-a-man-of-variety

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=QV5y7hN9bp4

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June 19, 2018

In Part 1 of our great chat with acting legend Timothy Spall and director Stephen Cookson.

We discuss working with Tom Cruise & Cameron Crow. Making 'Rock Star' with Jennifer Aniston and Mark Walberg and how going to a Hollywood movie from indie films is the same but bigger. The difference between the two.

How Tim and Stephen worked together for The first time on 'My Angel' feature film. Casting and delivering a project together after that.

The go into detail about how they wrote STANLEY, A MAN OF VARIETY together.

How Tim managed to play all 16 characters and be the only actor in the film and how directors differ.

Raising the finance through Red Rock and working with a small crew

Mark Brailsford who was a stand in actor and deserves a shout out.

"The older I get the more worried I get about getting it right".

We learn how Stephen went for being an extra to wanting to be a film director

Working with directors and what makes them good.

“The only thing as an actor you have to do is turn and be the part and make people believe you ”

& working with Clint Eastwood.

Part TWO will be out on Friday where we discuss Tim's work on Harry Potter, we learn about Stephen's directing background and whether an agent or manager is a good thing for a director to have.


Stanley A Man of Variety is OUT NOW at Picture House Cinema's.

Link to screenings: https://www.picturehouses.com/film/stanley-a-man-of-variety

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=QV5y7hN9bp4

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Eaten By Lions https://www.eatenbylions.com/

Our Song - Scott Lyus IndieGoGo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/our-song-a-sci-fi-story-about-dementia/x/3041448#/

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June 12, 2018

A brilliant chat with the very successful indie film producer and actor Tom Malloy who has raised over 25M for his own feature films. we chat indie film-making and how he made his latest film the found footage horror feature Screamers. (out now)

Host Giles Alderson (The Dare) introduces our new collaboration with Raindance and speaks to founder Elliot Grove about the discount on their latest course Moneyball that you can get ONLY through the filmmakers podcast by using this code RDPODCAST20 Click this link and it will take you directly there bit.ly/RDMoneyball. Listen to the podcast for the details and % amount

Tom Malloy info

How he worked with Oliver Stone as exec on his first film Gravesend and how from there wanted to learn how to be a producer to make films that he could act in.

We discuss how important it is to have a publicist and how crowdfunders aren’t always the best route.

How Tom approached a high networth individual (HNI) and got them to invest in his first film the Attic. Investors want to be in the film business. It sounds cooler than bitcoin on the golf course

How you should always bring on producing partners you respect. If you can’t raise finance, partner with someone who can. Put strengths where your weakness are and how it gets easier to spot dodgy producers in the business the further you are along with your career.

Learning bot Tom and Giles had the same composer on their debut film with Mario Grigorov on the Attic and The Dare respectively.

Now Tom has moved into the distribution side of the business with Glass House distribution so he can guarantee x amount of returns no matter what.

How his new found footage horror Screamers got picked up by Epic pictures, Peace West and Dread Central

The best way to find investors “If the why is big enough the how is always possible”


Raindance www.raindance.org

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SCREAMERS Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Xca9w15DN0

Buy SCREAMERS here: www.amazon.co.uk/Screamers-Tom-Ma…amers+tom+malloy




Ethel short film Indie GoGO https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ethel-a-drama-about-dealing-with-alzheimer-s/x/3041448#/

Exist Indie GoGo https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/exist-a-fantasy-thriller-about-mental-health-horror/x/3041448#/

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Ep 56 How to Speak to Film Investors, SEIS/EIS and film financing with EXEC PRODUCER Peter Dunphy

June 5, 2018

The wonderful and delightfully film investment savvy Exec Producer Peter Dunphy from Gizmo Film joins us to discuss film finance, how important your investors are not just at the beginning and How the feature film Funny Cow starring Maxine Peake, which is out now came to be.

How being an Exec Producer can have it's perks but also it's downfalls like having to sack actors but gives us the best way to do it.

We discuss his latest TV show Mad to be Normal starring David Tennant and Elizabeth Moss which is coming out soon

How he worked for business man James Caan and became an expert on tax which proved to be invaluable.

“Every film you are involved in you make big mistake and say I’m not going to doing that again. “

Mistakes are not seeing the route to market. You should be thinking about distribution and sales

“If you can’t get sales agent or distributor at the early stages. Get a new project”

We discuss the best way to move forward with a project when you just have a script.

We go into detail on SEIS,  EIS and film tax relief

*note SEIS - 50% tax rebate for investors. Limit is 150k. Plus loss relief on top of that. So 75% is risk free.

EIS. Investors can raise up to 10mil per investor

And by getting advanced assurance. Allows you to give comfort to your investor.

Now the government want you to make a slate of films. Rather than one.

Film tax relief. If making a film in the UK you qualify up to 25% of film tax relief.

“Spend the money as if it was your own”

Surviving Christmas. Good cast, EIS advance assurance and UK tax credit in place. “The moment you get the the film wrapped you now have an asset, which the investors have a stake in.

We also discuss how to keep investors at bay or entertained.

Trailer 'Funny Cow' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qDFb7qUV30

Film INFO www.funnycowfilm.co.uk


Twitter @Gizmo Films @PeterDunphy1

Follow us


@filmmakerspod @gilesalderson @cjamedirect


Ep 55 How to Make a Period Indie Film with the team behind The Bromley Boys, Dean Fisher, Steve Kelly, TJ Herbert and host Giles Alderson

May 29, 2018
Filled full of wisdom and knowledge from experienced directors and producers who have been there and done that and the fact The Bromley Boys took seven years to get to the big screen explains the hard work and dedication that went into it.

They debate about when to shout out that you are making films. Should you scream fromm ten rooftops or keep it under wraps ? When is the best time to say I am making a film.

Wanting to prove yourself as a filmmaker. Do it as soon as possible

For director Steve Kelly how looking so young when he first started at ITV was a detriment. You need to learn to tell a story. One of the great ways to do this is to learn to edit.

They discuss how to not set your expectations too high on your first film and be realistic with what you can achieve and how you can only succeed by failing more than the person next to you.

We learn how Dean quit acting because he knew he was a better producer and how short films are the best way to learn how to make feature films and If you haven’t got the skill-set to write yourself find writers

How making The Bromley Boys was a testament to how well they worked together as if you are still speaking after trying to make a project after 7 years then you have done something right.

Getting the right team around you and collaborating well is vital. It should be a family and be happy to come to work.

They also give us invaluable advice for raising funds for films.

“You trip up once and the investor is out. They are looking for you to make a mistake” - Dean Fisher

They also discuss how to make a period film and the tricks to making it work. So how can you make it work?  Shoot it in a 70’s style? Have a great costume and make design and art department is so important. Also you can paint our satellite dishes. But you can shoot in most places in london then shoot big close ups with a shallow depth of field.

Going for self distribution as got P&A spend on the Bromley Boys. Having the right strategy for the film. If they don’t get with a major studio they decided they should distribute this themselves. Make sure you get a theatrical booker and experts in poster deign and trailer producing and how word of mouth is huge.

Why releasing a film yourself can be very worthwhile. Just get the best people around you. It's the same as when you are making the film

And they go into detail about Marketing and selling your film


Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnXhdQ3fa4E
Film Screenings and Website http://www.thebromleyboys.com/